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Alice Acres Cookbook

100_2232A note from Jo Wood:  Now that the holidays have passed, it's time to look ahead to the Spring. We are ready to proceed with the Alice Acres Cook Book, so are asking for your help in compiling some terrific recipes.

We are looking for recipes in the categories listed below. You can submit up to 10 for consideration, where a maximum of 5 per person will be selected for the printing. We also welcome a one line comment on each recipe, for example: "this dish is great for a large party", or "this was my grandmother's favorite pie". We would especially appreciate Family Favorites, New England Regional Dishes, and recipes that use Produce sold at Alice Acres. Here are the categories:

Appetizers & Beverages

Soups & Salads

Baked Goods (i.e. Muffins, Breads, etc.)

Main Entrees

Side Dishes


Miscellaneous (i.e. Snack Foods, Jams, Pickles, etc.)

Please e-mail your recipe(s) to: LindaCDavis@comcast.net, as a Word document


Mail to: Alice Acres Cook Book, P.O. Box 3, Gales Ferry, CT.  06335

DEADLINE: We must have your recipes no later than FEBRUARY 15th!

Don't forget to give us your name and a contact phone number, or e-mail, as well as the town you live in. If you e-mail a recipe, you will receive an e-mail response that it has been received.



That's the best aswner of all time! JMHO

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