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Lakeside Condominiums in Ledyard

image I've always had a fondness for Lakeside Condominiums. They are priced moderately and offer lots of amenities including a swimming pool, tennis courts, a playground and a clubhouse. The country setting is unique for a large condo project. Highlands Lake is adjacent to the complex and provides swimming, play areas and recreational opportunities. Lakeside was the first condominium project in Ledyard and still remains the largest. There are 140 units at Lakeside, 26 of those units have garages.

Unfortunately, the local real estate market has hit condominiums hard and there are a few bank foreclosures at Lakeside these days.  That’s  good news for anyone who is considering buying a Ledyard condominium.

I remember the publicity when Lakeside Condominiums were converted from apartments back in the early 1970's. I found an old sales brochure from back then and had to chuckle when I read the hype.

"Hook Your Kids on Fresh Air - The fabled days of Mark Twain conjure up images of freckled faces, dirt roads and swimming holes. Those days are all but gone from our lives. But they were good days. Lakeside recreates the idea of growing up in the country. Away from the pressures and distractions of the city. It's a family place. For the young family, a place to grow as your children grow. Surrounded by trees, grass and the good life. You'll do great things at lakeside. Like picnicking in your own backyard...swimming in the pool...playing tennis....or just sitting in the sun. Children need a place like Lakeside. Some don't thrive on the confinements of the city life. They need that room that old Huck Finn knew so well. And what our children need...we need too."

Ok, so I'm chuckling harder now. Who would have thought that 30 years later that same ad would be a fair housing violation due to the promotion of Lakeside as a place for families? Or that Lakeside Condominiums would be in the shadow of Foxwood's, the world's largest casino? Yes, Huck, times do change.


Fedra Carvalho

hi i am interested in renting with lakeside if any condos are available. My name is Fedra my cell number is (860)910-6039

Linda Davis

I suggest calling Adam Mancini. 860-464-8430

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