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February 10, 2011


Linda Harris

One of the pizza chefs over at Colonel Pizza told me this story. The sandwich shops outside of EB began making sandwiches on long rolls, and they became a lunchtime favorite of the men who worked as "grinders" at the shipyard. Soon, because the sandwiches had become so popular among them, the sandwiches themselves became known as "grinders".

Linda Harris

Here is a link that tells the same story.

"I was born and raised in New London, CT and the surrounding area. Sub sandwiches are always called Grinders in southeastern CT and parts of Rhode Island.

I have always heard the story behind the sandwich and the name as follows: A New London shop (perhaps Capaldos Market) made sandwiches and sold them from a cart at the entrance to the Electric Boat Shipyard in Groton (across the Thames River from New London) during WWII. The sandwiches were a favorite with the welders and grinders (the guys who grind the weld down smooth), and were usually called "Grinder's Sandwiches", later shortened to Grinders.


I came to Ct by way of the Navy from New York. We had similar sandwiches which we called "wedges" ? why. I have no idea. Subs, heroes, wedges they are delicious no matter what you call them.


I've heard the EB legend as the origination of the term "grinder", too. Since I have been a dependent of someone in the sub force as well as having many family members who have worked at EB, I go with this version. Proud to be from SE Connecticut!

Linda Davis

Thank you all! Cool information shared. Never heard of "wedges" or the origin of "grinders". Special thanks for the link!


IN the Philadelphia they are called hoagies, try to figure that one out!

Linda Davis

Pittsburgh often calls them hoagies too!


I heard they originated in New London for grinders at EB so that's why,I heard, they're called Grinders. I just spoke to my sister-in-law,from Bristol, Ct. they call them grinders up there,too!! Yeah!!

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