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Ledyard Photo Friday - The Nautilus

I admit I've never been on the Nautilus since it became a museum but I had the opportunity to visit aboard the Nautilus when it was an operational submarine, and I was on the shoreline when it was towed up the Thames River as it came home to Groton for it’s final journey on July 6, 1985. 

The Nautilus and Submarine Force Museum isn't located in Ledyard but it is awful close and many Ledyard military personnel share in it's history.  A few weeks ago, a friend from Massachusetts texted me that he was in Gales Ferry with a bunch of kids and they needed something to do for a few hours.  I suggested they visit the Nautilus.  He reported back that a good time was had by all!  I include a photo of the Nautilus today as a reminder that sometimes we miss the cool stuff right in our own back yard.



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