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Mo's This restaurant review starts off badly but ends well so stay with me on this one. It's all good. Well, almost.

After reading the review about Mo’s Burgers and Brew in the Day newspaper, I decided it was worth a visit, especially since I could walk there from my RE/MAX Realty Group office on Route 12. I’m all about supporting local businesses and I love to eat so I knew this wasn’t going to take much effort.

I’ve been to this location numerous times over the years, and a frequent visitor when it was Spiro’s Great Oak’s Pizza. The place has morphed into a couple of different flavors lately and I gave each one a try at least once but the food wasn't good enough for a return. I was excited when I saw what looked like renovations happening.

Heading inside was a disappointment as nothing much has changed. They removed a wall so now the billiards and darts are right there looking at you although we were able to sit at some booths that have been moved away from the action. I’ve always said that God gave me a great sniffer to make up for my poor eye sight and I swear I could smell stale cigarette smoke. In general the place looked semi-finished, run down and certainly not shiny clean.  I’m sure there are those that will enjoy, as the Day described it, the “roadhouse” atmosphere. To this fuddy duddy, it looked more like it needed a good painting, cleaning and vacuuming. But that’s me.

I really hope you are still with me because here comes the good part of the review. The food was great!  I could barely get my mouth around my “Gorgon” burger which was excellent. The  bun was memorable in a good way. When was the last time you had a burger and even remember the bun? For me, the onion ring strings were a real bonus. They were pretty much perfect, crispy and light and way more than I could eat.

Here comes the wrap up. I’d probably not eat inside again because the atmosphere just isn’t for me. If things change in the fuddy duddy direction please let me know. I do expect I will order take out and if I ever tire of the “Gorgon”, I’ll try a few more items on the menu. Always accompanied by the onion rings!




Wow--that burger looks GREAT! I'll have to give Mo's a try!

Linda Davis

It was really good! Can't wait to order again.

Gary Bellaflores

As a person who has been to it in all the different eating establishments it has changed from, I must say to the "fuddy duddy" Your eyes must be poor. When you frequented Spiro's their paint , carpeting and decor never changed in over 20 years. Before the renovations, the walls inside were a tan with brownish feather like paint. All the walls have been freshly painted. I do agree their burgers are the best. I have tried 5 Guys everyone raved about and wasn't impressed as I am with the burgers at Mo's.

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