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Trash is a frequent topic on the Ledyard Community Forum on Facebook. For some unknown reason, some residents have developed the irritating habit of putting their bulky waste* out to the curb and expecting it to magically disappear. It doesn’t happen by magic but it only takes a simple phone call.

In the course of the debate on the topic, it appears that at least some residents believe it should be the role of government  to dispose of their bulky waste.  It would be unaffordable for most small towns to provide that service year round to all residents. That being said,  Ledyard does more than most towns in the area and provides two FREE bulky waste pick-ups a year. But you have to call to make that happen. The telephone number for arranging bulky waste collection is 800-286-5335. Residents may also use the Transfer Station (Colonel Ledyard Highway) for bulky and special waste disposal.

Ledyard Town Hall has been diligent of late to try to educate its residents on the services it provides to eliminate bulky waste. In fact, they provide a page of information on the subject along with a general page on trash and recycling.  When I see bulky waste sitting in a location for over a few weeks, I assume that the residents don’t know they need to call for a pick up.  I fill out the online form and the residents will receive a letter from the town with the information they need to make the call for pick up. Please don’t interpret this as “reporting neighbors” or trying to get people in trouble.  The more people who know about this FREE service, the better for the community!

*Bulky waste or bulky refuse is a technical term taken from waste management to describe waste types that are too large to be accepted by the regular waste collection. – Wikipedia


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