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Ledyard 2017 Real Estate Quick Review

Ledyard Real Estate Quick Stats

Ledyard Real Estate Quick Stats are published each weekend and offer a simple look at Ledyard Real Estate.  The number of Ledyard residential homes offered for sale remains very low but quite similar to a year ago  The frigid and snowy weather also tends to deter home sellers and buyers.  As far as pricing, there is not enough data yet in 2018 to make any determination of trends although pending sales reflect a lower segment of the market selling. 

2017 saw over a 10% increase in pricing from the previous year although the second half of the year saw a lower median price.  I am currently working on a final review and market update of 2017 Ledyard Real Estate but it does paint a pretty picture.

Ledyard Quick Stats


Dave Carberry

Re Town of Ledyard Ordinance #38: When the town council reviews this ordinance remember that calling the town hall (provide the number and ext. to call) is fine prior to the onset given event and providing the town hall is open. However, if the town hall is not open (ex. a long weekend) an additional or alternate contact 24/7 agency and phone number appears more appropriate. This is especially true during major weather events ( e. g. snowstorms, high wind conditions, etc.). While these forecasted events are generally preceded by an "all hands" telephone recording being issued, there is always someone who "didn't get the word". The Ledyard Emergency Communications Center appears to be a logical choice to have our residents call because ther center is in contact with all emergency service providers and especially the Highway and Police Departments. Again the revised ordinance needs to provide the appropriate phone number (not 9-1-1 in this case) for residents to use.

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