Corn on the Cob with No Strings Attached

One of the best finds of summer eating is local corn on the cob.  With Farmers Markets springing up all over Eastern Connecticut, finding great corn is easy. Not making a mess in the kitchen was always the hard part until I saw this video about cooking corn in the husks right in the microwave.  It really does work and this You Tube video has almost 8 million views to prove it. No strings attached. Literally.

Ledyard Deer Population

Many of us who live in Ledyard have to deal with deer eating our gardens and landscaping. I know my personal pet peeve are the deer who think my hosta garden is a personal lettuce patch. Fortunately I discovered Liquid Fence and although it smells downright nasty, it is environmentally safe to use and does the job of keeping the deer away.

While I do complain about their eating habits, I still love watching them especially when the babies are in season. Today a client of mine in Gales Ferry sent me this wonderful photo of deer feeding off the apples which dropped from her apple tree.  Can you say, awwwwwww?


Ledyard Hosta Looking Their Best

I’d really love to have the kind of garden where you can grow vegetables and other sun loving plants. Unfortunately my yard is mostly shade and while my grass stays green during some of the hottest days of summer, getting anything colorful to grow is a challenge.  I do have some luck with Hydrangea (photos to follow when they bloom), but my specialty seems relegated to Hosta. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I have a gazillion varieties and every year I post a few here on my blog.  It is officially that time of the year to share, when they look their very best.

Hosta 2013

Hosta 3

Hosta 2

Ledyard Photo Friday - The Ledyard Hydrangea

I think we should name the Hydrangea, the official flower of Ledyard. You can’t help but notice their spectacular blooms all over Ledyard this time of year.  After I wrote about my plain blue variety of Hydrangea, several of you invited me to take photos of your own hydrangea of different colors.  With the heat we’ve been experiencing, it has been hard to find time for photos before the bushes start their afternoon droop, so Facebook friend, Bill Dutton shared the photos below.