Do you live in one of these Ledyard homes?

If you live in the Pheasant Run or Chriswood Trace subdivision, it is very likely you have a home with one of the following floor plans. I was fortunately to represent the builder, Harry Morgan on these new construction homes for about 20 years and I often use these sketches when marketing one of these homes today.  In addition to these plans, the builder constructed many raised ranches and a few ranches. I even convinced him once to build a cape on Osprey Drive which was affectionately called Linda’s Cape since it didn’t sell right away.

The builder’s favorite floor plan was the Candlewood. It changed over the years and the last of these homes built had 4 levels which included a full basement.  My favorite was the Contemporary Saltbox. Although it only had 3 bedrooms, I loved the high ceilings and open floor plan.  The Woodstock seemed to be a client favorite mainly because of the large master bedroom suite.  Because I know each of these floor plans and the amenities quite well, I’d be the perfect real estate agent to market your home!


the Woodstock

the Hampton

The Winthrop

the Contemporary Saltbox

the Candlewood

The Colonial

the Nantucket

Linda Davis has been a licensed real estate agent in Ledyard CT for over 35 years. She has a long history of community service and currently serves as Chairman/Deputy Mayor of  the Ledyard Town Council. Linda is the administer of the popular Ledyard Community Forum on Facebook and also teaches and speaks on technology, mostly for beginners. Linda can help with homes for sale in Ledyard as well as homes for sale in Eastern CT including, Groton, Mystic, Stonington, Norwich, Montville, New London, East Lyme, or Waterford.

Ledyard’s First Little Free Library

Mark Fields recently posted in the Ledyard Gales Ferry Community Forum  that he made his wife quite happy after building his Little Free Library pictured below. The project was inspired by The Little Free Library  website which describes the history of the organization started in 2009. According to the website:

By January of 2014, the total number of registered Little Free Libraries in the world was conservatively estimated to be nearly 15,000, with thousands more being built.

While they are waiting the official placard, Ledyard’s first Little Free library is now open on Arrowhead Drive in Algen Heights. Plenty of oohs and ahhs followed Mark’s post and I’m hopeful that others will be inspired to build a  library for their neighborhood. Let me know!  I’d love to feature your library next.

Ledyard Library 1

Library 2

Santa arrives in Ledyard and Gales Ferry

The anticipation started building yesterday when residents on the Facebook Ledyard Forum began asking for information about Santa’s arrival today . News quickly spread this morning that Santa and Mrs. Claus were on their way. Forum members were able to track Santa’s path as he traveled throughout neighborhoods in Ledyard and Gales Ferry.

For as long as I can remember, Santa arrives each year to our community with help from our fire departments. It is a grand tradition and one I look forward to each year, long after my son has grown up and moved from Ledyard. 

 Santa in Ledyard

Photo by Ginger Rae Morse

Santa 2

Photo by Andrea Carpenter - Trout

Santa in Gales Ferry

Photo by Paula Raffield Gonzales

Ledyard Photo Friday

My friend Chris Griffith writes a blog about Life in Bonita Springs, FL which includes a photo series on interesting mail boxes. Although I’ve never found as many photo worthy mailboxes as she has, I always think of her when I see a mailbox with personality in the Ledyard area. I found this one on Old Colony Lane, a small subdivision of about 25 houses in Ledyard, built in the late 1990’s.

Fishing mailbox

Fishing mailbox front

Presidential Estates in Gales Ferry

Presidential Estates, located in the Gales Ferry section of town, was born in the mid 1980's. The neighborhood is made up of 5 streets, Mount Vernon Drive, Hermitage Drive, Monticello Drive, Monticello Court and Hyde Park which connects Presidential Estates to the Pheasant Run Subdivision. John Machjor and B&O Builders constructed the majority of the homes in this mostly colonial styled neighborhood. During this time of new construction development in Ledyard, central air conditioning was not a "must have" like it is today and you won't find granite counters or stainless appliances in any of the homes that have not since been upgraded. But you will find quality construction with hardwood floors, real brick fireplaces, solid panel wood doors, and custom moldings stained not painted.

One of my favorite Presidential Estates homes (pictured below) is located at 20 Hyde Park Drive and built by B&O Builders for his own family and offered a separate apartment. The stonework inside and outside this home is breathtaking.  Another favorite of mine on Hyde Park Drive came with a 20x24 closet to die for. Yes, I did say 20x24!

My best Presidential Estates new construction story was about a  home being built on Monticello Drive. Times were good and the builders were selling homes from blue prints. As a result, it could be about 6 months before a customer was able to close and move into their new home. As homes were being built, prices were rising, giving buyers instant equity when they closed.  One lucky lady closed on her new home for about $186,000 only to find out a few weeks later that she had been transferred to Boston. She was able to sell it quickly for $236,000, making a very tidy profit.  Those were the days!

After 20 years, many of Presidential Estate's original owners still live there.

20 Hyde park 2

20 Hyde park rear

Berwick in Ledyard

Ledyard subdivisions come in all shapes and sizes but none is as unique as BerwickThe 18 wooded home-sites of Berwick were developed as a subdivision in 1973.  With 150 acres, each lot contains about 5 acres, although several are much larger.  Most of the homes were custom built, which allows for a wide range of styles including traditional colonials, contemporaries and even a log home.

When you ask someone from Ledyard where Berwick is located, it is most likely they have never heard of it. Although Berwick is located within a very short  drive of the Mystic I-95 exit, it is tucked away off the quiet end of Gallup Hill Road, where most Ledyard/Gales Ferry residents seldom travel. Berwick is made up of three streets, Avebury Berwick, Chatham Berwick and Brentford Berwick.

Many of the residents of Berwick are original owners and homes are not often for sale in the subdivision.  When the original subdivision lots were being sold, Berwick was described as “an exceptional community for very private people who enjoy peaceful seclusion in a rustic setting.”  This is still true almost 40 years later.


Map picture

Lakeside Condominiums in Ledyard

image I've always had a fondness for Lakeside Condominiums. They are priced moderately and offer lots of amenities including a swimming pool, tennis courts, a playground and a clubhouse. The country setting is unique for a large condo project. Highlands Lake is adjacent to the complex and provides swimming, play areas and recreational opportunities. Lakeside was the first condominium project in Ledyard and still remains the largest. There are 140 units at Lakeside, 26 of those units have garages.

Unfortunately, the local real estate market has hit condominiums hard and there are a few bank foreclosures at Lakeside these days.  That’s  good news for anyone who is considering buying a Ledyard condominium.

I remember the publicity when Lakeside Condominiums were converted from apartments back in the early 1970's. I found an old sales brochure from back then and had to chuckle when I read the hype.

"Hook Your Kids on Fresh Air - The fabled days of Mark Twain conjure up images of freckled faces, dirt roads and swimming holes. Those days are all but gone from our lives. But they were good days. Lakeside recreates the idea of growing up in the country. Away from the pressures and distractions of the city. It's a family place. For the young family, a place to grow as your children grow. Surrounded by trees, grass and the good life. You'll do great things at lakeside. Like picnicking in your own backyard...swimming in the pool...playing tennis....or just sitting in the sun. Children need a place like Lakeside. Some don't thrive on the confinements of the city life. They need that room that old Huck Finn knew so well. And what our children need...we need too."

Ok, so I'm chuckling harder now. Who would have thought that 30 years later that same ad would be a fair housing violation due to the promotion of Lakeside as a place for families? Or that Lakeside Condominiums would be in the shadow of Foxwood's, the world's largest casino? Yes, Huck, times do change.