Long Island Replica in Ledyard

This home is not one the biggest or most expensive listings I ever had in Ledyard, but is one of my favorites.  I loved this house and the wonderful sellers who owned it. This custom home built in 1999 is a replica of a circa 1810 picturesque home in Long Island, NY where the sellers lived prior to moving to Connecticut.  It offered superior workmanship with attention to the original detail.  It is located on a mostly hidden 9.5 acres in Ledyard.


Pumpkin Hill

Ledyard Yarn Bombing

The Ledyard Chapter of Yarn Bombers Anonymous has been busy wrapping colorful knitted or crocheted strips around lamp posts, columns, street signs and mail posts throughout Ledyard.  Yard Bombing is knit and crocheted graffiti which originated in Texas in 2005 and has since grown worldwide.  It came to Ledyard about a year ago and to my mailbox this week. International Yard Bombers day is celebrated on June 11th.

Yarn Bombed

Ledyard Photo Friday - The Minions

The Lambtown Road minions have become famous in Ledyard and many locals were waiting for a spring appearance.  The little guys didn’t disappoint us.  This photo was captured this week by Town Councilor Bill Saums and posted on the Ledyard Community Forum. Hoppy Easter minions! (If you are interested in following the minions, they are located on the Pumpkin Hill Road end of Lambtown Road.)


Merry Christmas from the Simply Ledyard Blog

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite Santa photos and one I share every year even though it wasn’t taken in Ledyard. I have two nice folks to thank for this wonderful photo taken at the Avery Point Light House in Groton. Dale Treadway, is a Gales Ferry resident and founding member of the Avery Point Light House Society. The society raised funds to help preserve and restore the lighthouse at Avery Point.  Dale initially sent the photo to me. Ron Foster is the photographer who kindly gave me permission to use it here. You can read more about the history of the Avery Point Light House on Wikipedia.

Merry Christmas to those that celebrate the season!

Santa at Avery Point

Ledyard Photo Friday

I have a small stream that runs behind my home and the deer seem to enjoy it. Occasionally they will also feast on my plants. Although I’m not thrilled about their dinner selections, I do enjoy seeing them and these two came just in time for Ledyard Photo Friday. Although I took the photo through my window, I believe you will get the picture!


Ledyard Photo Friday

From my seat (literally) on the Ledyard Town Council – On Wednesday night  Ledyard Mayor Mike Finkelstein presented a proclamation from the Town of Ledyard to Connecticut State Police Sergeant Jeff McDermott, who served as Ledyard's Resident State Trooper for three years leading up to the establishment of the Ledyard Police Department as an independent municipal police department. SGT McDermott served the town with professionalism and honor. He has been reassigned by the State Police to serve in East Lyme as its Resident Trooper. Thank you and congratulations Sergeant McDermott.

Police Sergeant Jeff McDermott

Ledyard Photo Friday

It was supposed to be just a little snow.  As I write this 49% of the Town of Ledyard is without power as about 6 inches of heavy wet snow has fallen and tree limbs are blocking roads around town.  I’m one of the lucky half that has power. This is an excellent example of why it is important to be prepared in general. This storm wasn’t predicted just a few days ago and even yesterday it didn’t look like much on the weather maps. We will be talking about this nameless storm for quite awhile.

Surprise snowstorm 2016

Ledyard Photo Friday - No snow for Ledyard

It’s been a very dry 201-2016  winter in terms of snow. Last year started out pretty much the same way. It wasn’t until the end of January that we got our first major snowstorm and then it didn’t seem to stop for 2 months. The next 10 days appear to be snowless and although I love how the landscape looks after a snowstorm, a photo from 2015 suits me just fine.

2015-03-05 13.39.36

Ledyard Photo Friday

I paid a visit to Seven Seas, Spices Oils and Teas last week and although this little shop isn’t exactly in Ledyard it is still worthy of a mention. It is  located on Route 12, just off the highway in Plainfield making the trip from Ledyard easy peasy. This shop is actually much larger than it looks with several different rooms including  a whole room dedicated to spices and another to oils and vinegars. There are plenty of samples including salsa, dips and popcorn. You won’t leave hungry.

Spices and Herbs

Map picture