Photo Friday - Ford's Lobster

Ford'sBefore lobster prices went crazy, we used to visit Ford’s Lobsters quite often to pick up some whole lobsters for the weekend. I had no idea Ford’s had opened up a restaurant so we decided to pay a visit there this week for my birthday lunch. I had heard in advance about the “Lobster Bomb” and was looking forward to it until I saw the price which I thought a bit steep for lunch even though I wasn’t paying. Instead, we each ordered lobster rolls and a cup of clam chowder. My favorite part of lunch was the chowder although the stop at Dairy Queen on the way home was a treat. I’m sure I’ll be back to Ford’s again to give the bomb a try.


Lobster Bomb

Ledyard Photo Friday - It's the Law.

One of the great things about a small town is the ability for an individual to make a difference. Jim Smith, a Ledyard resident and avid biker suggested on the Ledyard Facebook Forum that Ledyard put up signs to notify drivers of the law when it comes to passing bikers. Councilor Bill Saums took up his cause and Jim’s came to fruition this week. We have a no whining policy on the Ledyard Facebook Forum. Have a complaint - offer a solution. Thanks Jim!

Bike Signs

Ledyard Photo Friday - Found on Flicker

Finding information about Foxwood Resort Casino’s outdoor Ice Skating Rink was a bit challenging and I consider myself pretty good with Google. My research found that the rink opened during the winter of  2010-2011 but  never opened for the season last year. It reopened on December 5th 2013 with an expected closing date of February 23rd. With the cold weather we’ve had, I would think it should have been a good season but if I had trouble finding information about it, I wonder if others did as well.

Ledyard Ice Skating

Photo on Flickr by Wayne Schultz, mas90guru

Ledyard Photo Friday - Dentil Molding

When I walk into a house in Gales Ferry and see dentil molding, I am pretty confident the home was built by B&O Builders. Now retired, Bill Ballestrini and Jim Onorato were the masters when it came to custom moldings in their new construction homes. We just listed a lovely home on 5 Mount Vernon Drive in Gales Ferry built in 1982 and the dentil moldings were the giveaway of who the original builder was. 

Dining Room 2

Dentil Molding 5 Mount Vernon

Ledyard Photo Friday - RIP Buster

Buster was a long time resident of Alice Acres Farm in Gales Ferry. He passed on this week and will be missed by the community including all the children that stopped by say hello while enjoying the ice cream at Cows and Cones. I took this photo several years ago. It has always been one of my favorites and even has graced the Town of Ledyard’s website.