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Linda Collins Bachman

Was this a relative of Samuel Lester who had a small farm on Vinegar Hill Road? He was my grandfather. I use to live on Vinegar Hill Road at the top of the hill - in the 50's. We use to sled down the hill lots of fun. Now live in Alaska.

Victoria Gordon

The area around Nathan Lester House is gorgeous. I love spending summer days there. When it's bright and warm it's a perfect time to admire the beauty of the field and the wildlife. The beehives and the snakes may seem so dangerous but from a safe distance they're simply amazing. The trails are convenient for biking and running, as I have spent many hours on them with friends. I have been to the celebrations that the House has offered as well and brought home homemade butter, which was very delicious and interesting to watch being made by a butter churn. All in all, this historic area is breathtaking and memorable. I suggest a visit by all.


I recently purchased an album that has a carte de visite of Nathan Lester in it. I have scanned the entire album and posted it on Flickr - for those that are interested.

Linda Davis

My photo of the Nathan Lester house attracts lots of visitors here. Thanks for visiting! I'm not sure about Samuel Linda but it sounds possible. And Eliza, thanks for sharing!


Hi! I am so happy to find this picture (and the one Eliza submitted). Nathan was my great, great grandfather. Yes Linda, Nathan Lester and Samuel W. Lester were brothers.

Linda Davis

Very cool Jenny! Where are you living now? Thank you for visiting.

Chris Hill

My grandparents owned and lived in this house from the 1930s or 40s, through the early 1960s. My dad and his brothers spent most of their childhoods there. I remember, as a little kid, "helping" Grandpa stoke the furnace with coal. Funny, the fireplace in the old kitchen is a lot smaller than I remember it being :^)

Thanks so much for posting this; it takes me back.

Mark Thamm

We used to go by this house frequently on our way to the Great Oak back in the 60's. Wonderful old farmhouse. Never went inside. Very peaceful and off the beaten path.

Marilyn Beck

In 1966 and 67 I lived in Gales ferry. I would bicycle to the oak in its grandeur. So sad that its gone. I also spent time in the house and would help much stalls with the girls that lived there. I remember the ghost stories, piano playing, sleigh rides and jumping in the hayloft.

Bill Matthews

In 1941 I was only 4 yrs old and lived within about 1/2 mile of the Great Oak. I remember distinctly walking (alone, so it must have been close) to a beautiful old house and having cookies and something to drink with a delightful "old lady." Remember, I was 4! I wonder if this might be the house. My son and his wife are visiting Gales Ferry/Groton to see visit the sub base where my father was stationed when WWII broke out. They would like to see the area where our small farm house probably stood. Can someone give me any leads? [email protected] Thanks!

Linda Davis


You may want to contact the Historical Society. I'll email you some phone numbers.

Jenny Lester Moffitt

I live in California, but coincidentally my husband is from CT. We are traveling back this summer, is the house open for tours?

Judith Flemming

When was the property officially designated as a town park?

Linda Davis

Someone else may be able to answer that Judith. I didn't know that it was officially designated as a town park.

Jeannie Hudgins

I had a wonderful time living in this house with my parents and sister. My mother went to the Historical Society and contacted the owner who agreed to let us live there. My mother was always interested in the restoration and decoration of historic homes of which we lived in a few. We filled the barns up with ponies and horses and went to local horse shows every weekend. Lots of memories!

Linda Davis

Lots of good comments here!

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