Stephen Perkins House of 1845 - Hurlbutt Road
Ledyard Town Hall - Colonel Ledyard Highway

Ledyard Up-Down Sawmill - Iron Street

The Town of Ledyard owns the 11–acre Sawmill Park, which includes a water powered up-down saw, shingle mill, blacksmith shop, a gristmill, ice harvesting equipment, and other mill artifacts of the Industrial Revolution.  The mill museum is located in an 1860 restored building.  The saw mill is operational from April-May and October-November.  The park with two-acre pond is open year round.


Ledyard Up and down




David Small

Very nice photo! That looks extremely peaceful!

Kristal Kraft^Denver

I bet you could go here at a different time every day for a year and it would never look the same! I love it.

Jackson Farquhar

that's an awesome photo. and what makes it even more awesome is that's almost my back yard!

Jennifer Flores

I lived in Groton as a child. I have fond memories of family outings to the sawmill. So many of those memories came flooding back when I saw your photo. Thank you.

J. K.  Searchfield

Beautiful photo. This property was previous owned by a wonderful old man named Harry Main. In 1963 I purchased a three acre parcel of land from him, which laid just ajacent to his house and mill on the East side of the mill, off Iron St. I built a three bedroom, two car garage and lived there till 1967. I visited with Harry in his home and around his mill and pond many times. Very interesting man with some interesting stories.

Respond if you would care to.

J. K. Searchfield

Real Homemade Incest

well.. it's like I thought!

Warren Dolphin

The Ledyard Sawmill now has a web site at
Check it out for photos of mill, history and technical details.

Linda Davis

Thanks Warren! I've now added your link to the site!


That was really nice info.


I was married there - before the landscaping. It was wonderful. Maybe we can sign our divorce papers there too!

Linda Davis


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