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From my seat on the Ledyard Town Council

On Wednesday Night  I was sworn in as a member and elected chairperson of the 22nd Ledyard Town Council. Here were my remarks:

This week I have been raving about what a great customer experience I had with Amazon. Last night I read online how Amazon hopes to improve customer service by delivering packages by Drone. What a bold idea! I’m sure that CEO Jeff Bezos is getting an earful of all the reasons why it can’t be done? My  money is on Jeff.

About a year ago, I asked what I thought was a simple question at one of the Ledyard Town Council budget meetings. It was one of those, “Why can’t we do it this way?” questions. The exact question or the details don’t matter right now but I can assure you it wasn’t an idea of the magnitude of Amazon’s “Prime Air” service. I suppose It could be considered a bold idea, simply because I proposed a different way of doing something. I was immediately given a whole litany of reasons as to why what I was suggesting wasn’t possible.

Bold ideas don’t need to cost money. Some bold idea simply take persistence or a willingness to change. And Bold ideas don’t need to be new ideas, just a better way to do things.

When we proposed combining Planning and Zoning to improve efficiency, we heard a bunch of reasons why it couldn’t happen. When we proposed a Blight Ordinance to improve the appearance of the town, we were told among other things that it was unconstitutional. Yet, these things eventually came about.

My challenge to the 22nd Council as you start committee work is to “Be Bold”. Come up with bold new ideas or better ways to do things. No negative talk. Let’s see what we can accomplish together to make Ledyard a better place to live.

SwearingIn 2013


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