Ledyard Photo Friday - The Sawmill in Autumn
Ledyard Photo Friday - Still Leaf Peeping

Maude's Grave in Voluntown

It was my intention to find something creepy about Ledyard this week but so far no luck. Instead, I will share my Voluntown story just in time for Halloween.

Maudes GraveBack in the 1980's, I listed some new construction homes in the Voluntown area.  A local builder, HLM Development, had about 15 lots in the area of Congdon Road, Hell Hollow Road and Route 49.  I remember my first ride out to Hell Hollow Road when I asked the builder incredulously, "You are going to build houses here???"  We entered from the Town of Sterling and there wasn't even electricity in some sections.  It was mighty desolate back then. He built small houses with very very deep wells as he had a heck of a time finding water.  I was able to sell them fairly quickly though as it really is beautiful country and the prices were very affordable for new construction.

About 15 years later, Kerry, my Client Care Manager, mentioned that her daughter Katie wanted to go to Hell Hollow Road on Halloween to visit Maude's Grave.  It seems, according to legend, an Indian girl named Maude was killed by English soldiers in a section of forest off Hell Hollow Road. Her ghost has been appearing for 100 years near her grave site (pile of rocks) located there.  Observers have seen orbs and claim to feel an "ominous presence." When riding in a car and her name is uttered by her grave site, the car is supposed to either stall or crash. Teenagers seem to like this possibility.

In case you are interested in this creepy topic,  here is an investigation that was done on Maude‚Äôs Grave by some paranormals.


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