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This news with editorial content is provided from my seat on the Ledyard Town Council because we have lost our regular Day reporter.

At last night's regular meeting, the Town Council set a Public Hearing to be followed by a Town Meeting on October 25th to sell the Town owned Gales Ferry Landing Property (former Gales Ferry School) for $255,000. The buyer intends to improve the building and keep the current tenants.

In addition, the Town Council voted to amend the Waste Management and Recycling Ordinance and will no longer pick up trash in privately owned communities (e.g. mobile home parks). State Statute does require that the commercial property owner of these communities provide trash collection. It is estimated this will save the Town approximately $20,000 a year.

Due to the State Budget situation, and the Town's loss of 1.5 million dollars in revenue to date and more bad news anticipated, Mayor Allyn reported that he has instituted a hard spending freeze on all discretionary general fund spending and is planning on furlough days which would close Town Services (Town Hall, Libraries etc.) for one day a month. He is also talking to other towns in the area to consider working towards some regional services.

I have little to report from the Special Finance Committee Meeting which was attended by our State Representatives Christine Conley, Mike France and State Senator, Cathy Osten. Here are my actual notes: " blah blah blah. The State still doesn't have a budget but could have one this weekend but maybe won't have one until next year. blah blah blah”.

It was quite frustrating to hear as we begin cutting municipal services. The link to that meeting can be found HERE.


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