Ledyard Real Estate Quick Stats
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Ledyard Real Estate Quick Stats

Ledyard Quick Stats are published each weekend and offer a simple look at Ledyard Real Estate.  Ledyard residential homes offered for sale continue to increase but  Inventory traditionally begins to build this time of year. Inventory is still less than it was one year ago when there were over 100 homes on the market. I expect we will close in on that number soon.

As far as pricing, Ledyard continues to see  a  positive real estate market as the median closed sale price has improved by 15% from 2016 when the median price of residential home sales was $204,000. The median price of the 199 Ledyard residential sales in 2017 is $235,000 with the highest price sale at $450,000.

In 2016 there were 247 residential home sales in Ledyard.  We are on track to reach that mark but at the current pace most likely will not exceed it in 2017.


Ledyard Quick Stats


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