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statsLedyard Real Estate Quick Stats are published each weekend and offer a simple look at Ledyard Real Estate.  The number of Ledyard residential homes offered for sale continue to drop which is pretty typical this time of year as many sellers prefer to wait until after the holidays to market their homes. As far as pricing, Ledyard continues to see a positive real estate market as the median closed sale price has improved by over 10% from 2016 when the median price of residential home sales was $204,000. The median price of the 241 Ledyard residential sales in 2017 is $225,500 with the highest priced sale at $550,000. (A contemporary home on the waterfront on Long Pond)

In 2016 there were 247 residential home sales in Ledyard.  Until this month, it did not appear we would match that number but with what seemed like a burst of closings towards the end of the year, we have come mighty close. Exact numbers should be recorded in the next week or so and we will see exactly what 2017 brought in terms of number of sales and average price for the year.

Ledyard Quick Stats


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