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Ledyard Residents Reject Zoning 2-1


As reported in the Day, Nov. 24, 1962:

“In almost a 2-1 margin, Ledyard townspeople last night again rejected zoning. The final vote announced at the end of the four hour meeting was 139 against establishment of a planning and zoning commission and 73 in favor”

The approximately 700 word article talks in detail about the meeting held 55 years ago and reports that at that time 90% of the people in the state lived in zoned areas. Despite that statistic, Ledyard decided to continue to buck the trend. Some of the argument centered around the state of zoning in Groton. One Ledyard resident who recently moved from Eastern Point Road in Groton spoke of Pfizer and how “They promised up and down that there would be no smell, no noise, no smoke and all the rest,….and now the place stinks.” He added that “one side of Eastern Point Road is zoned for industry while right across the street is an A-1 residential section.”

That argument won the day but zoning would be adopted in Ledyard a year later.


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