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Ordinance 38 in Ledyard

Question MarksOne of the more frustrating occurrences during winter storms is having cars parked on a street in your neighborhood. This creates a dangerous situation for drivers as well as  those who perform snow plowing for the Town.  Ordinance #38 prohibits that practice.  The guts of the Ordinance states “No motor vehicle shall be permitted to remain parked on any road within the Town between the hours of 1:00AM through 6:00AM during the period of December 1 through March 31st of each winter.” This is in addition to any Parking Ban that may be issued.

The Town Council is in the process of reviewing all Town Ordinances.  While I agree with Ordinance #38 in principle, what is missing is how the ordinance should be enforced. If I have a problem in my neighborhood, do I call the Mayor, Public Works or Ledyard Police?  Ordinance #38 indicates the Mayor directs any towing or removal effort so until the Town Council reviews and clarifies this Ordinance, my best advice would be to call the Mayor’s office. 

You can find Ordinance #38 HERE


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