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Ledyard Town Wide Yard Sale 06339 FAQ's

Ledyard Yard Sale Update

Registrations have closed for the Ledyard Town Wide Yard Sales in both zip codes. There are 90 sales registered in 06339 and 75 in 06335.

Here is the map for zip code 06339: https://buff.ly/2IQWrr2

A driving list has been printed and will be available at the Friends of the Food Pantry Bake Sale in front of Holdridge Farm Nursery, on the day of the event.

Lists and map for 06335 will be available next weekend.

Sellers are permitted to promote their individual yard sales at the Ledyard Community Events Group on Facebook. 

In case of rain, it is up to individual sellers whether to cancel or reschedule for the next day.

Please do not park on both sides of the road, in driveways or on lawns.



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