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Ledyard Town Wide Yard Sale 06335 Map and List

Ledyard Town Wide Yard Sale Deadlines and Details

Registrations are now closed! 

We currently have 120 Sales registered in Gales Ferry and Ledyard.

Start working on your Yard Sale Signs! Like last year,  Merry Cassabria and I will offer a prize or two for best homemade signs so be creative!

Second, one week prior to the events, sellers may post photos, descriptions etc. of their yard sale treasures at my Facebook Community Forum Events Page. This is an open public group making sharing and promotion for your sale much better than in a private group.  If you are holding a sale, be sure to join.

Registration deadline for 06335 was May 15th. REGISTRATION FOR 06335 IS NOW CLOSED.

Registration deadline for 06339 was May 20th. REGISTRATION FOR 06339 IS NOW CLOSED.





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