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I would still give up my dishwasher

ScanSnap imageWhen I moved my real estate office from Route 12 to Hurlbutt Road in Gales Ferry during 2004, I moved eight 4-drawer legal file cabinets with me. They took up a huge footprint and the need to digitize all of those closed files became obvious. I sold a few houses back in the day. Eight 4 drawer file cabinets represented over 1000 buyers and sellers, most of them in Ledyard. It was a momentous task but with some help I managed to scan all of those files by the end of that year. Most of the help came by way of my ScanSnap Scanner. I've had a few models since 2004, always upgrading to the latest new features. I'm happily using the ix1500 now as friends and family welcome my old toys. 

Several years back, I posted on Twitter that I would give up my dishwasher before my Scansnap. Those words were noted by the good folks at ScanSnap and I was asked to become a member of the ScanSnap Squad. I've been a proud member ever since despite having retired from the real estate field and am now working as a supervisor at the Ledyard Food Pantry.

Much of what I learned during my 40 years in real estate has proven to be beneficial in my role in the non-profit sector.  Database development, communications, social media and technology have translated well and my ScanSnap Scanner continues to be one of my most used tools

Linda Davis was an award winning real estate in Ledyard for over 40 years selling over 1000 homes before her retirement. She currently serves as Chairman of the Ledyard Town Council and a Supervisor at the Ledyard Food Pantry.




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