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Bites of LedyardLittle Bites of Ledyard is a compilation of Ledyard news, events and items of interest in the Ledyard Community. Not enough for a blog post but just a bite with direct links to more information!  This week I have news about the the next Ledyard Town Council Meeting, the Wednesday’s Farmers Market, voting and the Ledyard Food Pantry.

Ledyard MEETING NOTICE: The Ledyard Town Council meets Wednesday, September 28th at 7:00PM at the Town Hall Annex. Items on the agenda include purchase of a document management system, discussion of extra individual trash carts for a fee, change of start time for trash/recycling collection pick up from 7AM to 6AM.

There is still good stuff to be had at the Ledyard Farmers Market.  Check out their NEWSLETTER for a list of vendors and food trucks.  Yes, Ekonk Turkey Farm will be back with their famous turkey salad.

Only 42 days left until the Presidential Election. Comprehensive voter information is found at

The Friends of the Ledyard Food Pantry now have donation boxes at Village Market, Holdridge Farm Nursery, and the Hallway at Gales Ferry Landing. Household products from the new Dollar Tree in Gales Ferry make up our wish list! If you would like to donate from your couch, check our Friends of the Food Pantry wish list.


Donate to the Ledyard food Pantry

The 23rd Ledyard Town Council

On December 7th I was sworn in as a member and then elected chairperson of the 23rd Ledyard Town Council.  In addition to thanking my fellow councilors for that honor, I remarked at how gratifying it was to serve with many of the same members as I have for most of the past 4 years.  The Ledyard Town Council is made up of 6 Republicans and 3 Democrats. In an age where political government bodies seldom get along, we do famously. I can’t remember the last time we had a party line vote. We don’t always agree but when we disagree the debate is respectful.

Each member of this council brings a very different experience and as a result we have been able to achieve some significant accomplishments during the past 2 years including the passage of the Police Facility in Ledyard Center and the consolidation and construction of a major school project. As a team, we also supported former Mayor John Rodolico in moving the Ledyard Food Pantry to a church based initiative as well as a new more efficient trash collection system. The next two years will bring financial challenges to the Town of Ledyard but I know each member of the council will be an excellent steward of town resources.

23rd Council

Glenn Arthur of Gales Ferry receives Veterans Award

I was honored to be able to attend the induction of retired Navy Captain, former State Representative, long time Ledyard resident and friend Glenn Arthur, into the Connecticut Veterans Hall of Fame. 

Glenn Arthur, Jr. has given his entire adult life to the service of his country, the State of Connecticut, the residents of the Forty -Second Assembly District and his community.  Glenn spent twenty-two years in the U.S. Navy serving on various submarines, including a tour as the Commanding Officer of the USS William Bates and various staff assignments.  His last assignment was locally at the Naval Submarine Base (NLON) as the Deputy Chief of Staff of Submarine Squadron Ten.
In 1984 he chose to again serve the people of the region by being elected as a State Representative from the Forty-Second District, serving five terms. His tenure as State Representative had him serving on several commissions and committees including ranking member of the Appropriations Committee.  Glenn was a member of the Groton-Ledyard Rotary for more than twenty years, an active member of the Gales ferry United Methodist Church serving on the Board of Trustees and Staff Parrish Relations Committee, a member of the Ledyard Board of Education from 1981-1983 and a life member of the Navy League. Glenn has hosted several sailors at his home during the holiday season, offering a “home away from home.” Glenn has in the past and continues to advocate for various Veterans and active duty groups from the many organizations in which he participates.”

Pictured below with Glenn Arthur and Mayor John Rodolico

Glenn Arthur

Ledyard Politico - Politics and Real Estate Coming Together

On this map created by the National Association of Realtors,  CT remains behind most of the nation when it comes to foot traffic. Foot traffic measures the number of buyers who go through houses that are on the market. In my opinion, lack of job creation in CT is a significant factor in this statistic. I don’t see leadership in Hartford doing much to improve the situation.

Nov 2015 - Buyer Traffic

Ledyard Photo Friday

As Ledyard Mayor John Rodolico’s 4 year term comes to an end, I had the privilege as Chairman of the Town Council to present a proclamation for his 30 years of dedication to the Town of Ledyard.

“Those of us who witnessed his work will attest that John A. Rodolico is motivated by the highest ideals of public service. The citizens of Ledyard have benefitted and will remain grateful for his years of service, commitment, integrity and perseverance during a period of growth and change and are fortunate to have been and continue to be served by his qualities of leadership.”

Rodolico Mayor Recognition

Ledyard Politico at the San Diego Zoo

I was in San Diego last week for the National Association of Realtors Conference and Expo  but I didn't take a break from politics. I was thrilled to be able to sit in on a fabulous 90 minute session with Political Analyst Charlie Cook from the Cook Political Report.  I thoroughly enjoyed his analysis of the 2016 Presidential Election including this quip, “ Bernie Sanders will not be the Democratic candidate. He could probably run unopposed and still lose”. Before my friends who are democrats take offense, he poked fun at both sides of the aisle and since there are a whole lot more Republican candidates, they certainly got their fair share of his criticism.

As a political Junkie, I see politics everywhere. It wasn’t all business at the conference and I was able to visit the famous San Diego Zoo and was reminded of my Republican friends back home.

San Diego Zoo Elephant

San Diego Zoo Elephant 2

Ledyard Election Analysis

TakeBackCTFormer Mayor, Town Councilor and friend, Wes Johnson was a  political junkie. For many years,  Wes and I would meet for breakfast after the local elections and pour over the statistics and analyze the results. Wes passed away in November of 2008 after a battle with cancer, but every year since I think of him on election night and the morning after, as I begin my analysis of the most recent election. 

For most of the candidates, the 2015 election is officially over. Not for me. I tend to dwell on the results a little longer as I find the analysis of the data fascinating.  The Mayor’s race was uncontested and former Police Lieutenant Mike Finkelstein, a Republican only had to vote for himself to be elected. He did better than that with 2043 votes. As campaign chairman for the Ledyard Republican Town Committee, I generally don't share the details of my analysis but I can offer a few insights:

When the electorate is worried about the economy and taxes, they tend to vote Republican. That was pretty evident this year as the Republicans took a 6-3 majority on the Council and Board of Education.  We were able to take full advantage of the “Take Back Connecticut” theme as voters grumbled about the “mess in Hartford”. Ledyard voters are also aware that payment on two major construction projects are coming due which means higher taxes. 

Despite comments to the contrary, Ledyard isn’t made up of mostly Republicans. In fact, we have close to the same amount of Republicans as Democrats in town but the unaffiliated voters tend to be more conservative. Ledyard has a large contingency of active, former and retired military who also tend to lean conservative. With a Democratic governor, Democrats now appear along the top row of the ballot in all Connecticut elections. Even that didn't seem to matter in Ledyard. Or Groton or even Norwich of all places as those typically Democratic leaning towns went Republican in a big way.  It was that “mess in Hartford”.

As Republican Campaign Chair, the rest of my analysis is secret and includes several surprising strategic errors that I witnessed.  Not so surprising is that negative campaigning doesn’t work in a municipal election especially in a small town like Ledyard. Our electorate is too smart for that and would rather hear the positives about the candidate rather than the negatives of an opponent who could be a friend or neighbor. 

Finally, several years ago a political friend once shared with me this important lesson from Politics 101:  "Never blame the voters for your loss no matter how dumb you think they are".  

I happened to think Ledyard voters were pretty smart.  

Ledyard Election Returns

Ledyard Photo Friday - Shark Attack

It has been a very long time since I posted a photo for Ledyard Photo Friday.  Too long.  I’m not sure why I stopped posting photos on Friday but I think it might be something similar to writer’s block. The good news is that photo Friday is officially back!

Ledyard’s 2015 Municipal Elections are behind us and most of the candidate signs have been removed. As candidates, our signs are sometimes stolen or run over. During this election cycle several of mine blew away during a particularly windy evening. I have no explanation for this sign that remained standing after an apparent shark attack.

Political Signs

Linda Davis is a real estate broker, blogger, politician and a wannabe photographer who is sadly still using the point and shoot mode of her camera.