Ledyard Photo Friday

Instead of a photo today, I'm posting an awesome video produced by  local Ledyard Photographer Brian Reubelt. It does an wonderful job capturing what we love best about Ledyard and features Thames River views, Saw Mill Park, Alice Acres, Bill Library, Yale and Harvard Boat Houses and more.

The Ledyard Home Decorating Contest

The Ledyard Home Decorating Contest held on the Facebook Ledyard Community Forum was a last minute idea that turned out to be better than we could have imagined thanks to the 44 worthy participants and the enthusiasm of those who helped select the forum favorite!  Now that the judging is over, we are already planning for next year. I know many of the participants are formulating new ideas and waiting for those 1/2 off sales after Christmas. The 2016 contest promises to be epic!!

Here are the winners:

The Ledyard Forum Award – It was pretty clear from the beginning that Jennifer and Brad York’s  home at 91 Meetinghouse Lane was a fan favorite.  It didn’t hurt when Santa made an appearance giving out Candy Canes in the front yard.  The photo below doesn’t come close to picturing everything here.  Jennifer is already planning for next year so expect to see her at the “end of year” light sales.

Fan Favorite

The Chevy Chase Award1882 Center Groton Road.  Like the Griswold’s in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, this home has a whole lot of lights.  According to an article in the Thames River Times, Bruce Hall estimates he has over 18 hours of work invested to create this masterpiece. The good news is that unlike the Griswold’s home, all of his lights don’t blind the neighbors and Millstone hasn’t been called to provide back up.  The 4 judges drove all the way up the long driveway where more lights just kept coming at us.  We debated this one awhile but decided that the sheer number of lights made it the winner in this category. Located on a rear lot, it is easy to miss on Route 117 but take the time to look for it! Unfortunately I could never get a photo that I considered photos worthy but I think the Thames River Times photographer did a great job although the caption is incorrect.  Our Chevy Chase Award is the second home pictured in this article.

House BeautifulI Erin’s Way. This lovely home is exactly what we were looking for  when we named this award. The judges loved this home with its elegant look and mostly white lights!  If there was a most excited winner award, Jackson Favry would be the clear victor. He was grinning from ear to ear and all the judges left smiling.

Erins Way

Innovative Idea28 Barry Drive.  I’ll admit this is the one award that the judges debated the longest because there were several possibilities including the Minions on Lambtown Road and the Music and Light Display on Ledgewood that seemed to fit the category.  In the end, we chose this one for the creativity and simplicity of a single idea, the mean old Grinch pulling down Christmas lights.  I really love this!


Thank you to my fellow judges who spent hours on the road looking at houses in the dark: Merry Cassabria, Jessica Wrobel and Bev Nachtwey.  Thank you to those that contributed to our gift baskets for the winners:  Cash True Value Home Center, The Village Pizza Restaurant, Courtyard by Marriott Norwich, CT, Holdridge Home and Garden, and  Grimm's Furry Tails.

A Fall Watercolor - Ledyard Photo Friday

As you can imagine I’ve taken a whole lot of photos during the fall season, the prettiest time of year in Ledyard.  This is one of my favorites taken in the Putnam Bank Parking Lot off Chapman Lane in Gales Ferry. I was driving north on Route 12 and as soon as I saw this spectacular stand of trees I knew I had to return. Who knew my photograph was going to end up looking like a water color?

Gales Ferry Tree Stand Soft

Ledyard Photo Friday

The Town of Ledyard's website is going through a makeover and that includes the addition of a bunch of new photos. I asked the members of the Ledyard Community Forum on Facebook to  submit their Ledyard photos which may end up on the Town's website. I offered a sweet treat to the person who’s photo I liked best. Linda Taylor-Macrino submitted a number of photos including this one taken in Gales Ferry Village. It is my favorite because the forsythia reminded me that although it is in the 30’s as I write this, spring isn’t too far off.

Spring in Gales Ferry Village

Ledyard Photo Friday - Smith Pond

The area I have photographed most in Ledyard, is Smith Pond in Gales Ferry, mainly because I pass it several times a day. No matter what  the season, it seems there is always something happening that is photo worthy there. The pond has been home to two swans for several years and each spring I look forward to baby season.

Baby season is bittersweet because of the whole circle of life thing.  Last year only one baby survived the predators in the pond. This year I believe we start with seven or at least there were seven when I first noticed.  I will be cheering for their survival.

7 Babies

Ledyard Deer Population

Many of us who live in Ledyard have to deal with deer eating our gardens and landscaping. I know my personal pet peeve are the deer who think my hosta garden is a personal lettuce patch. Fortunately I discovered Liquid Fence and although it smells downright nasty, it is environmentally safe to use and does the job of keeping the deer away.

While I do complain about their eating habits, I still love watching them especially when the babies are in season. Today a client of mine in Gales Ferry sent me this wonderful photo of deer feeding off the apples which dropped from her apple tree.  Can you say, awwwwwww?