Ledyard Backpack Program

School is out but it won't be long before the stores will be promoting Back to School Supplies! The Town of Ledyard will be providing backpacks and school supplies to those children whose parents are eligible to receive assistance. If you can help, backpacks can be chosen from this Amazon Wish List. http://a.co/fdfBWNV

Any questions? Please contact the Social Services Coordinator at 860-464-3222


Ledyard Stamps Out Hunger

Stamp Out Hunger

Thank you to our local mail carriers for participating in the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive on Saturday, May 12th. (Not every town does!) Place your non-perishable items in a bag next to your mailbox and it will be delivered to the Ledyard Food Pantry. Our Wish List is below.  If you prefer, donations can be dropped off directly at the Food Pantry on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 9-11AM or Thursday from 4-6PM. Donation boxes are also available at Village Market, Holdrige Home and Garden, Parke’s Place, and Holmberg’s Orchards.

Our most needed items include:
Hearty Chicken and Beef Soup like Progresso and Chunky
Canned Stew, Manwich, Chili, Spam
Pasta - Elbows, Mac & Cheese
Pasta and Rice Sides
Hamburger Helper
Canned Potatoes, Spinach, Beets
Spaghetti Sauce (No glass please)
Snack crackers
Pancake Mix and Syrup
Kid friendly cereal,Instant oatmeal
Cake, Cookie Mixes, Frostings
Salad Dressings
Baking Supplies - Oil, Sugar, Flour, Spices
Paper Products - Paper Towels, Tissues
Household Products - Wipes, Dishwashing Liquid,
Personal Care products
Toothpaste, Toothbrushes
Feminine Products

Earth Day in Ledyard

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22, 2018 by giving back to the environment and your community! Please consider joining one of the clean up efforts around town by signing up for one of the below committees Earth Day Celebration Clean Up Efforts.

Once you email the contact you are interested in you will receive more information about the event.

Ledyard Beautification Committee—Street Captain Clean Up:
Looking for “Street Captains” to organize their own neighborhoods, street side clean up. Safety vests and garbage bags will be provided.
Time: You choose! Contact: Jami Allyn Jallyn@brand-svc.com

Conservation Committee—Trail Blaze:
Cleaning up Ledyard’s Trails. Paints and brushes will be provided.
Time: TBD Contact: Hilary Evans at hilary.evans860@gmail.com



Ledyard Food Pantry Wish List

You will find donation boxes at Ledyard Town Hall, Village Market, Holmberg Orchards, Gales Ferry Landing, Parke's Place and Holdridge Nursery. You can also bring your donations directly to the pantry (across from Valentino's) on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 9-11 and Thursday from 4-6.

Too cold to go out? Donate from the warmth of your living room from our Amazon Wish List. http://a.co/1ijnmWc

Thank you for your extreme generosity!

Wish List

Ledyard Food Pantry Wish List

Here is our February Wish List. We have none or very little of the following items which we like to have available if we are able. Yes, I’m sad to say we have lots of peanut butter but no jelly to be found on the shelves.

Ledyard Town Hall now has a donation box for the Ledyard Food Pantry.  It is located just inside the front door. This box joins those at Village Market, Holmberg Orchards, Gales Ferry Landing, Parke's Place and Holdridge Nursery. You can also bring your donations directly to the pantry (across from Valentino's) on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 9-11 and Thursday from 4-6.

Too cold to go out? Donate from the warmth of your living room from our Amazon Wish List. http://a.co/1ijnmWc

Thanks for giving!


Wish List

Ledyard Food Pantry January Wish List

Thank you to those who supported the Ledyard Food Pantry throughout the holiday season. For those who would like to continue to donate throughout the year, we provide a Top 5 Wish List every month.

Donations may be dropped off at the Food Pantry (located in the church parking lot across from Valentino's) between 9-11 on Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturdays. Or Thursday from 4-6PM.
You may also drop off donations at Parke's Place, Holdridge's, or Village Market in Ledyard and the Hallway at Gales Ferry Landing and Holmberg's in Gales Ferry.

Too cold to go out?  Donate from the warmth of your living room from out Amazon Wish List

Wish List

Sammy Hagar donates to the Ledyard Food Pantry

Sammy Hagar makes a habit of donating to a food bank in every city he plays.  Ledyard was the recipient of his generosity last night when the Red Rocker himself appeared at Foxwoods Resort Casino and donated $2500 to the Ledyard Food Pantry. Food Pantry supervisor, Carol Gauthier accepted the check along with Mayor Fred Allyn and myself. An amount that large is is a significant gift for a pantry our size and his generosity will go far. Thank you Sammy for helping to feed our neighbors in need.

sammy hagar

Talking Trash in Ledyard

Trash is a frequent topic on the Ledyard Community Forum on Facebook. For some unknown reason, some residents have developed the irritating habit of putting their bulky waste* out to the curb and expecting it to magically disappear. It doesn’t happen by magic but it only takes a simple phone call.

In the course of the debate on the topic, it appears that at least some residents believe it should be the role of government  to dispose of their bulky waste.  It would be unaffordable for most small towns to provide that service year round to all residents. That being said,  Ledyard does more than most towns in the area and provides two FREE bulky waste pick-ups a year. But you have to call to make that happen. The telephone number for arranging bulky waste collection is 800-286-5335. Residents may also use the Transfer Station (Colonel Ledyard Highway) for bulky and special waste disposal.

Ledyard Town Hall has been diligent of late to try to educate its residents on the services it provides to eliminate bulky waste. In fact, they provide a page of information on the subject along with a general page on trash and recycling.  When I see bulky waste sitting in a location for over a few weeks, I assume that the residents don’t know they need to call for a pick up.  I fill out the online form and the residents will receive a letter from the town with the information they need to make the call for pick up. Please don’t interpret this as “reporting neighbors” or trying to get people in trouble.  The more people who know about this FREE service, the better for the community!

*Bulky waste or bulky refuse is a technical term taken from waste management to describe waste types that are too large to be accepted by the regular waste collection. – Wikipedia

Ledyard Christmas in July

Thank you to the Friends of the Ledyard Food Pantry for their generosity at our first annual Christmas in July event. At this time of year when inventory is at its lowest, you filled our shelves and touched our hearts. Special thanks to Santa who came down from the cold North Pole to bring donations in the heat of summer and meet a number of children. Click Here to become  a Friend of the Ledyard Food Pantry.


Ledyard's Christmas in July

It's that time of year when donations to the Ledyard Food Pantry from the big holiday food drives are dwindling. Fortunately we can rely on donations from the Gemma Moran Food Bank plus funds from the Ledyard Social Services donation account to keep the pantry stocked with basic food items. Area churches and local groups plus generous residents help keep the pantry stocked. However, we know from last year that mid summer is when supplies start running low. Today any excess in our storage room consists mostly of pasta, beans and canned items.

Last holiday season several donors commented how they need to remember to donate year round and not just for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Friends of the Ledyard Food Pantry thought we could make it easier for them to donate by holding a Christmas in July event on July 23rd from noon to 3PM right at the pantry location at 724 Colonel Ledyard Highway across from Valentino’s.  There will be refreshments, entertainment and even a visit from Santa.

How can you help?  Sign up to donate our most needed items and bring them to the pantry on the day of the event or feel free to drop them off anytime at the pantry on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday mornings from 9-11am or Thursday from 5-7pm.

Christmas in July