Ledyard Town Wide Yard Sales

The Ledyard Town Wide Yard Sales are still a few months away but people are already planning and have been asking about dates so here is the scoop.  The sale in Gales Ferry (06335) will be held on June 1st and the sale in Ledyard (06339) will be on June 8th. The Ledyard Community Forum on Facebook voted to hold the sales from 9am-3pm on both days. Registration will be announced around April 1st and an online map will be available when registration closes. It is always two fun weekends with yard sales, lemonade stands  and non-profits raising money for charity! 


Ledyard Town Wide Yard Sale 06339 FAQ's

Here is all you need to start shopping!

90 sellers have registered for zip code 06339 of our Ledyard Town Wide Yard Sales. 

Your google online map:   Online Map 

Green Pins represent Sunday Sales. Check back Saturday after 3:00PM.

Printable list of sales:  Download 06339 Driving Map 2018

In case of rain, it is up to individual sellers whether to cancel or reschedule for the next day.

Please do not park on both sides of the road, in driveways or on lawns.

Sponsored by Linda Davis and Merry Cassabria of RE/MAX Realty Group

06339 with dates


Ledyard Yard Sale Update

Registrations have closed for the Ledyard Town Wide Yard Sales in both zip codes. There are 90 sales registered in 06339 and 75 in 06335.

Here is the map for zip code 06339: https://buff.ly/2IQWrr2

A driving list has been printed and will be available at the Friends of the Food Pantry Bake Sale in front of Holdridge Farm Nursery, on the day of the event.

Lists and map for 06335 will be available next weekend.

Sellers are permitted to promote their individual yard sales at the Ledyard Community Events Group on Facebook. 

In case of rain, it is up to individual sellers whether to cancel or reschedule for the next day.

Please do not park on both sides of the road, in driveways or on lawns.


06339 Yard Sale Deadline is May 18th

There are 75 Yard Sales in 06339 registered for June 2nd!

Just a reminder that the deadline to register for this phase of our Town Wide Yard Sales is Friday, May 18th. After that date, there is no guarantee you will be on the printed list for distribution. Also, if you are not planning to hold your yard sale, I will not be able to remove it from the list once it is printed.

You will find all of the Yard Sale Posts HERE

The Town Wide Yard Sales are sponsored by Merry and Linda at RE/MAX Realty Group!


Ledyard Yard Sales Update

The deadlines are fast approaching for our Town Wide Yard Sales to be held on June 2nd (06339) and June 9th (06335). We have 47 Sales registered in Gales Ferry and 67 in Ledyard.

We have two changes for this year. First, since most of our 100+signs haven't been returned, we won't be offering signs this year BUT instead Merry Cassabria and I will offer a prize or two for best homemade signs so be creative!

Second, one week prior to the events, sellers may post photos, descriptions etc. of their yard sale treasures at my Facebook Community Forum Events Page. This is an open public group making sharing and promotion for your sale much better than in a private group.

Registration deadline for 06339 is May 18th. Registration deadline for 06335 is May 25th. Visit the link below to register.

To register: 
06339 https://goo.gl/forms/6XZnVSyyeVGVb2iO2

06335 https://goo.gl/forms/gQnzzDIBZclGcr722

Save the Date!

Ledyard Town Wide Yard Sales

Registration is now open for our Ledyard Town Wide Yard Sales to be held on June 2nd (06339) and June 9th (06335) Most of the Facebook happenings will take place  on our Ledyard Events Page since it is a public group which will make things easy to share. Feel free to promote your own sale there as well. If you are not on Facebook, no worries.  You will find everything you need to know here as we get closer to the event.

To register:
06339 https://goo.gl/forms/6XZnVSyyeVGVb2iO2

06335 https://goo.gl/forms/gQnzzDIBZclGcr722

Yard SaleToday

Ledyard Town Wide Yard Sale 2018

Yard SaleTodayI’ve been inundated with messages asking when our 4th Ledyard Town Wide Yard Sale will be scheduled in 2018!  After the first year with over 100 yard sales on one day, we decided to split the yard sales by zip code giving everyone the opportunity to shop.  This year 06339 will be held on June 2nd and 06335 will be held on June 9th. Registration will be available by April 15th

We’ve bought hundreds of signs but very few were returned so we will be asking you to make your own signs this year and we will award a  prize for the most original Open House sign in each zip-code.  Feel free to reuse your signs from the past and we will place the signs we do have in multiple locations.

Visit this website for updates and maps when they are available.

Sponsored by Merry Cassabria and Linda Davis, REMAX Realty Group

Ledyard Yard Sale 06339 on June 10th

This Ledyard Yard Sale post will be updated as news becomes available.  Below is the map and a link to the driving list for the 80+ yard sales to be held in Gales Ferry on June 10th. 

Updated June 6 - Final driving list:   Download 06339 Driving List PDF

At Village Market:  Linda Litsch and her “Terry Brodeur Team” will be selling Hot Dogs, Baked Goods,  Lemonade and  Bottled Water by donation with 100% of proceeds to the Terri Brodeur   Breast Cancer Foundation. (100% of donations go to valuable research.)

SELLERS:  Signs will be available at REMAX REALTY GROUP at 1641 Route 12 from 10-3  this week. Keep in mind that shoppers will not have time to visit all 85 locations so make your location easy to find by adding additional signs. Work with your neighbors on corners!! 

SHOPPERS:  Just a reminder to park on one side of the street to allow access for emergency vehicles.  Please do not block driveways!

Map:  Click box in upper right hand corner for view of complete map.

Ledyard Town Wide Yard Sales Update

This is the third year Merry Cassabria and I have held  the Ledyard Town Wide Yard Sales and the biggest yet with over 150 locations registered!  Yard Sales will take place between 8AM and 3PM on June 3rd (06335) and June 10th (06339). Lists and on-line maps will be available at least one week prior to the sales so watch here for details.  Several locations will be holding bake sales and lemonade stands for fun and good causes. There are also several multi-family sale locations.

Registration has closed in both zip codes.